The ISCM Young Composer Award has been presented each year since 2002. At every ISCM World New Music Days Festival, an international jury is constituted from the ISCM membership. This jury presents an award to a composer under the age of 35 whose work is performed at the current festival. The winner gets a monetary prize and a commission for a new piece to be performed at a future edition of the ISCM World New Music Days.

Past winners of the award are:

2019 - Jug K. Marković (RS)

Work: "Nirvana"

2018 - Michael Seltenreich (IL)

Work: "Sparks & Flares"

2017 - James O'Callaghan (CA)

Work: "subject/object"

2016 - Yejune Synn (KR)

Work: "Zoetrope"

2015 - Nuno Costa (PT)

Work: "Pater Noster"

2014 - Stefan Prinz (BE)

Work: "Piano Hero #1"

2013 - Yasunoshin Morita (JP)

Work: "The History of Songs & Words"

2012 - Eric Nathan (US)

Work: "Walls of Light"

2011 - Chiu-Yu Chou (TW)

Work: "String Quartet nr. 1"

2010 - Katia Beaugeais (AU)

Work: "Soundbox"

2008 - Diana Rotaru (RO)

Work: "Shakti (Sakti)"

2007 - Nicholas Casswell (GB)

Work: "Triplicity"

2006 - Helena Tulve (EE)

Work: "Sula (Thaw)"

2005 - Sampo Haapamäki (FI)

Work: "Signature"

2004 - Leilei Tian (CN)

Work: "Sâdhana"